Environmental Justice & Sustainability Education 

The Collective seeks to add a culturally relevant lens to environmental justice concerns, and question and disrupt significant environmental threats that impact Black Communities. Various pillars uphold the ideals of the collective, specifically grooming current and next-generation leaders to serve in leadership positions dictating the quality of life in Black communities. This priority was established by Black America’s evident need to reclaim their sociopolitical agenda as ongoing crises such as environmental segregation, police brutality, and disproportionate long-term effects as a result of the pandemic, further burden and hinder progress for Black populations. 

Leadership Development 

The sustainability sector is inundated with white leaders and change-makers, given circumstances of the past year, local and regional organizations have recognized the overwhelming need to include diverse voices that are historically lacking within the movement.  It’s imperative that historically marginalized populations play a role in dictating the progress of sustainable communities and their quality of life.  Due to this need, the Collective has assisted with board and employment placement because of high access to regional Black environmental leaders and organizations.  


In 2019, the Collective hosted its first board training with 34 regional participants in an effort to bolster BIPOC representation in the environmental justice and sustainability sector; participating recruiting organizations included Tree Pittsburgh, Just Harvest, and more  


The Collective is capable of training and matching Black and brown people to spaces where they can:  

  • Develop transferable leadership skills 

  • Contribute inclusive experience and alternative knowledge 

  • Transform organizations that serve in Black spaces 

  • Become local advocates for climate change, health, and equity 


In addition to original programming, enhanced training will include recruitment/retention strategies and health and wellness methods, recognizing these additional activities as pertinent factors of holistic professional development.  

Movement and Coalition Building

Policy & Issue Advocacy 

Environmental Justice Policy Center (EJPC) - More Information Coming Soon!


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